Processes & Policies

You, the patient

As a Practice we value each patient, and understand that you will have a preferred GP.  Please make this known when making an appointment.  It is our desire to keep your personal information up to date, so please inform our staff should any information change, or request an Updating Information Form. To aid in your overall healthcare, we have a reminder system in place for preventative care.  Please tell our staff if you would like to opt out of this.

Repeat Prescribing

An appointment is needed for repeat prescriptions OR you can request them via the website by going to the PATIENT LOGIN tab and registering there.  Please follow the instructions.  Please note that this will attract a non rebateable fee.

Ongoing Specialist Referral Requests

These can also be requested online via PATIENT LOGIN, or you can make an appointment with your Doctor.

Home Visits

These are available as necessary but always ring to arrange this.  There may sometimes be a wait but this will depend on the urgency of the situation and our other commitments.

Telephoning Your Doctor

If you need to speak to your Doctor on the phone and the call is not of an urgent nature, it may be necessary for the reception staff to take your details and the Doctor will call you back as soon as possible.  Staff members are aware of each Doctor’s policy on accepting and returning calls.  Please be assured that your message will be passed on to the Doctor in a timely manner.

Electronic Communication

Individual Doctors in our Practice determine whether they communicate electronically with their patients.  Please ask our staff your GP’s preference. Please note that all steps will be taken to securely send private information, but we cannot guarantee that records sent electronically will be private.

Test Results

Results are reviewed by the Doctors in a timely manner, with your health in mind. Please phone your Doctor for your results.  Please be aware that some doctors require you to make an appointment to get test results.

Suggestions, Feedback & Complaints

We constantly strive to maintain and improve our quality service and would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have. Similarly, any complaints are taken seriously.  Please do not hesitate to mention your feedback, suggestions or complaints to one of our staff.

Our Privacy Policy

All information held in your Medical Record is strictly confidential, and any breaches are treated very seriously.  Our Privacy Policy is available for download here, or please ask one of our staff to give you a copy when you are in the Surgery.